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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Worst Item in the Doyle Budget

A little reported item in the Doyle budget is a provision that would issue $130 million in revenue bonds, spending the proceeds in Medicaid and use future excise tax (cigarettes, beer, liquor) revenue to pay for them.

The only private businesses that would bond for operating costs are soon to be bankrupt. Just like the State of Wisconsin will be under Jim Doyle.

If the provision passes, nothing would stop Doyle bonding using the income tax next. If you start bonding using future tax revenue, there is no reason for liberals to ever say"no" to spenders ever again. They could always just bond more for future revenues.

This is a horrible precedent. I hope the Republicans in the legislature pull it out. We need to start working our officials to help them understand the seriousness of this bad idea.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Total of Doyle Budget Raids from Rep Scott Jensen

Below is a list of all of Doyle's budget tranfers. It is unbelievable. Over $800 million. This budget gets worse everyday.

Governor Doyle’s 2005-07 Budget
Transfers to the General Funds & Transfers-0ut of Other Funds

1. Transfer from Transportation Fund $268.0 million
(Executive Budget; page 513, item 21)

2. Transfer from Injured Patients & Family Compensation Fund $179.4 million
(Executive Budget; page 289, item 4)

3. Transfer Pupil Transportation Aid from GPR to Transportation Fund $171.8 million
(Executive Budget; page 411, item 4)

4. Transfer from Utility Public Benefits Fund $35.0 million
(Executive Budget; page 31, item 16)

5. Transfer from Petroleum Inspection Fund $30.8 million
(Executive Budget; page 99, item 12)

6. Transfer from DVA Institutional Operations Appropriation $25.0 million
(Executive Budget; page 558, item 3)

7. Transfer Supplemental Title Transfer Fee from Transportation Fund to DNR $21.3 million
(Executive Budget; page 360, item 2

8. Miscellaneous Transfers from Transportation Fund to Other State Agencies $16.0 million
(DOT Briefing – MJS Article 02/10/05)

9. Transfer from Recycling Fund $11.5 million
(Executive Budget; page 384, item 23)

10. Transfer from DOA Printing, Mail & Info Tech Appropriation $7.5 million
(Executive Budget; page 31, item 16)

11. Transfer from DOA Facilities Operation & Maint. Appropriation $5.4 million
(Executive Budget; page 31, item 16)

12. Transfer from Environmental Fund $5.0 million
(Executive Budget; page 384, item 23)

13. Transfer from WHEDA Dividend for Wisconsin Fund $5.0 million
(Executive Budget; page 572. item 1)

14. Transfer from OCI General Program Operations Appropriation $4.5 million
(Executive Budget; page 289, item 3)

15. Transfer DHFS EMS Aids from GPR to Transportation Fund $4.4 million
(Executive Budget; page 252, item 85)

16. Transfer Public Library Aid from GPR to Universal Service Fund $4.2 million
(Executive Budget; page 416, item 24)

17. Transfer DMA Emergency Medical Services from GPR to Transportation Fund $3.9 million
(Executive Budget; page 354, item 2)

18. Transfer from Commerce Safety & Building Op’s Appropriation $2.8 million
(Executive Budget; page 99, item 12)

19. Transfer from DOA Capital Planning & Buildings Appropriation $1.8 million
(Executive Budget; page 31, item 16)

20. Transfer from DRL General Program Operations Appropriation $1.6 million
(Executive Budget; page 445, item 4)

21. Transfer from DOA Parking Appropriation $1.2 million
(Executive Budget; page 31, item 16)

22. Transfer DWD Employment Transit Assistance from GPR to Transportation Fund $1.1 million
(Executive Budget; page 596, item 9)

23. Transfer WTCS Aids for Driver-Ed Courses from GPR to Transportation Fund $996,000
(Executive Budget; page 579, item 3)

24. Transfer from DOR Administration of Local Taxes Appropriations $844,000
(Executive Budget; page 458, item 13)

25. Transfer DNR Car-Kill Deer from GPR to Transportation Fund $828,000
(Executive Budget; page 11, item 11)

26. Transfer DNR Emission Inspection & Maint. from GPR to Transportation Fund $733,000
(Executive Budget; page 385, item 14)

27. Transfer from DATCP Agrichemical Management Fund $250,000
(Executive Budget; page 45, item 13)

28. Transfer from WTCS Services for District Boards Appropriation $236,000
(Executive Budget; page 579, item 2)

Total $811 million

Eason Jordan Resigns

The power of the blogs continues to grow. CNN exec Eason Jordan resigned after the blogosphere held him accountable for his outrages statement that US troops in Iraq were targeting and killing journalists.

The mainstream press say Jordan was besieged by the online community. I would like to think they held him accountable for outrageous statements.

Here is a interesting post by Jay Rosen on the whole affair.

Just watch show the O'Reily Factor and others it becoming clear the we are in the midst of a news revolution.

Another Profile in Courage by Peg the Keg.

Our esteemed Attorney General took a pass on the proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage between one man and one woman.

This article from JSonline show the liberal reckless AG cannot give an opinion as to whether a court could interpret state statute to legalize same-sex marriage.

In Wisconsin, marriage is defined as husband and wife but those terms are not defined in law. So, one Dane county judge could say husband and wife are not gender based term and legalize same-marriage.

Wow, I am not even a lawyer and I just gave an opinion that Peg could use.

I am telling you, the GOP's top priority should be beating her not Doyle. She is going to be much easier to beat. She is the most unpopular politician in this state.

Monday, February 07, 2005

CNN exec says troops murdered 12 journalists

Hugh Hewitt has been tracking a story about Eason Jordan. It is an fascinating story about left-journalist covering up for each other but the blogsphere has been hot on trail.

Quickly here is the back ground:

Rony Abovitz, proprietor of The World Economic Forum Weblog, reports Eason Jordan, CNN’s Chief News Executive, has accused the American military of deliberately executing twelve journalists in Iraq.

During one of the discussions about the number of journalists killed in the Iraq War, Eason Jordan asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted.

This begs the question: Who is Eason Jordan?

Eason Jordan is executive vice president and chief news executive of CNN. He chairs the CNN Editorial Board, is a member of the CNN Executive Committee and provides strategic advice to CNN's senior management team.

How can this not be a major story?

Hugh Hewitt and his fellow bloggers are going to nail this guy. But when will the mainstream press?

Doyle Offers Domestic Partner Benefits for All State Employees

This article from the crap times talks about the UW and domestic partner benefits but if you read the story it says the provision could open it up ALL state employees.

We are billions in the hole and this guy wants to spend money on domestic partner benefts. What about the taxpayer?

This budget should be a trip to Leftyville.

Doyle Budget

Spent something looking at the leaked stories from the Governor's office this weekend. Job cuts are good. Letting prisoners out after drug treatment is bad.

One suggestion to get an idea of what is the budget is to go the wheeler report and look at what the democrat legislators are "asking" the governor to include in their budget. These letters are setups and it is very likely those items are already the budget.

If you look at that list there is a lot of spending on schools and more money for local government.

Nothing on property tax relief.

Revealing quote from Arrowhead High School Teacher

Today the MJS had this story about books being read for lit class at Arrowhead High School.

Here is a very revealing quote from a teacher in question that says a lot about our education system:

What the issue comes down to, he said, is: "Is the high school a reflection of
society or is high school what we wish society to be more like"

To me the answer if obvious. We need to teach values in our schools to make students better members of society. I did not think this needed much debate. This guy wants to continue the cycle of eroding culture. I do not want high school to be a reflection of society. I want high school to be a vehicle for improving society.

That quote is a great snapshot into the mind of a lefty-WEAC drone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


At 8:51 PM, Borderline said...
Green and Gold, I beg to differ on you saying "Specifically Schools have been living under spending controls for ten years and Wisconsin's education system in on of the best in the country. If anything, they prove that spending controls work." Education in Wisconsin is one of the most egregious examples of "Too much Growth". In Hudson alone the budget has increase 71% since 2001 and that is with only a 20% growth in population. We have schools teaching fishing and other unneeded curriculum, teachers and administration with Cadillac health benefits with extremely low or no co-pays, and pensions that amount to 70% of their last 3 years pay. Education has captured 100% of any appreciation of property and is screaming for more. This year in St. Croix County 3 school districts will be asking for 135 Million dollars in referendums. I have yet to see a study that equate money with quality. The graduation requirements here in Hudson do not meet the minimum requirements to get into the University of Wisconsin. There are no concrete studies that say reducing class sizes improve education. The only ones who have to take the ACT test are the kids who plan on going to college. In Colorado, they require everyone to take it regardless of their plans. If you level the playing field and had to include everyone like Colorado does, we would be projected to be around 19th or so.There is a lot to gain by reading more about education at:On The Borderline where we have had in depth discussion and analysis on education and have participation of teachers, school workers, and Frank Lasee himself.

Borderline: I do disagree with what you are saying. Money does not equal performance.

The points I was making was for a school mom who was being told TABOR would destory education. I was giving her examples of why it would not devstate schools. Revenue controls have not devestated local schools and have limited the property tax increases. Which mean they done what they were intended to do. That is a valuable point to this mother.

You may think the revenue controls are too loose, but you cannot disagree with the point of revenue controls have not devestated our schools.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Green and Gold Tabor Points

Yesterday, Charlie Sykes ask bloggers for help for a mom who had been recurited to oppose the Taxpayer' Bill of Rights. Here is the repsonse I sent back to Charlie.

ü This has nothing to do with Colorado. Stay away from Colorado. The Colorado TABOR is NOT what is going on in Wisconsin.

ü Colorado has 3 major problems that WILL NOT happen in Wisconsin.

1. “Ratcheting Effect” – When the economy went into recession, cuts to budgets had to be made in Colorado. For example: They cut a budget from $100 to $90 one year and from $90 to $80 in the next. Next, the economy improves and revenues increase. But they can only increase spending from the previous year $80. It “ratchets” down the base, so a program can never catch up to the spending levels before the cuts. A Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights will not have a ratchet effect.

2. Access to Rainy Day Fund – In Colorado, they made it virtually impossible to access their “Rainy Day Fund”. It’s like not using the money in your savings account if you lost your job. As a result, State Government had to cut programs to make up the difference. Despite money in reserve that could soften the blow. A Wisconsin Taxpayers Bill of Rights will allow for use of Rainy Day Fund to soften the blow.

3. Constitutional Amendment – Probably the biggest difference. Colorado passed a Constitutional Amendment mandating increased education spending every year. It was a guaranteed increase in government spending with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights caps government spending. This caused enormous stress on the system because virtually every dollar in available spending must go to education, leaving the rest of state government in a lurch. Wisconsin will not have a constitutionally mandated increase in education spending.

Specifically Schools:

ü Schools have been living under spending controls for ten years and Wisconsin’s education system in on of the best in the country. If anything, they prove that spending controls work.

ü There are no cuts in a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. It is limiting the increase in spending to somewhere between 4% and 5%.

ü If a local school district wants to spend more is can go to referendum. Local referendums have pass at about 50%.

ü This is about taxpayers getting more involved and having a say. Trust them to do the right thing. Taxpayers are not idiots.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Frist's "Nuclear" Option.

Kudos to Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn). He is playing hardball with Democrats over judicial nominees. It is about time. When you are in the majority that is what you do. Although not completely clear where things stand, this article shows his is forcing the issue.

Frist is a possible GOP presidential candidate for 2008 and one rumor is he is not running for re-election in 2006 so he can concentrate on 2008.

That aside, he deserves praise for his stance on judicial nominees. How this all plays out is extremely important and it looks like Frist is playing to win.

Dick Morris Column on 2nd terms

The pitfalls and pratfalls of second-term hubris

As the cognoscenti gather for the inaugural festivities President Bush has earned, let this space reflect on the dangers inherent in presidential second terms. They rarely work out well. More usually, they crash and burn on the rocks of arrogance and hubris.

Presidents and their advisers are, by then, used to the ways of power and accustomed to its use. Ratified by reelection, they feel themselves bulletproof and invincible and are driven to take risks they would not have chanced in their more cautious and realistic first terms.

Check out the record.

Woodrow Wilson began his second term by breaking the promise that he would keep America out of war. Spurned, the American public rejected him in the congressional contests of 1918 and returned Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.But the worldwide worship of Wilson as the messiah who had ended — and won — the war so distorted his judgment that he failed to take any congressional Republicans with him as he negotiated the Treaty of Versailles and its concomitant League of Nations. Stubbornly refusing to modify the treaty to suit Congress, he and the treaty went down to bitter defeat.

While Franklin Roosevelt had a hugely successful third term, his second was a model of hubris and conceit. After winning reelection in a landslide in 1936 — Republican Gov. Alf Landon of Kansas carried only two states, Maine and Vermont, and suffered the most crushing electoral defeat since 1820 — FDR decided to try to pack the Supreme Court by adding six new justices to the nine.This bid to stop the court from rejecting his initiatives backfired massively and cost him his effectiveness in Congress. Far from learning his lesson, he tried to purge recalcitrant Democrats in the primaries leading up to the 1938 congressional elections and was soundly defeated.

Harry Truman, riding high after his surprise 1948 defeat of Tom Dewey, found himself so mired in the deadlocked Korean War that he could not use the constitutional option that explicitly allowed him to run again in 1952. Even when a peace in Korea along roughly the current demarcation line seemed possible, he rejected it and chose to continue the increasingly unpopular war instead. Hubris.

Dwight Eisenhower’s second term was ruined by his deteriorating health and two recessions, although it is hard to see how Ike could have avoided either. Lyndon Johnson’s refusal to heed the will of the American people and settle the Vietnam War was hubris at its worst. So massive was the electoral reaction in the 1968 primaries that LBJ was forced to withdraw in disgrace.

But it was Richard Nixon who set the all time record for second-term arrogance with his stonewalling in the face of the Watergate scandal. Convinced that he could make his critics go away by tossing one more aide to the wolves or revealing one more document, he resisted coming clean and found himself forced out of office.

Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council staff was so high-handed in funneling aid to the Nicaraguan Contras in violation of law and to Iran for hostagerelease in violation of stated policy that it almost cost him his popularity. Convinced that they could get away with it, the NSC staff members kindled a scandal that destroyed Reagan’s second term.

And Bill Clinton’s Houdini-like escape from scandal and removal from office catalyzed a hubris and conceit that led him and Hillary to believe they could get away with anything, including lying under oath.Brushing aside impeachment and the firestorm of criticism, Clinton pardoned fugitives and drug kingpins alike on his way out of office. Would the first-term Clinton have taken these risks? No way. But after reelection and escape from prosecution in Whitewater, Bill and Hillary felt they could do anything.

The common thread of hubris running through these second-term sagas is truly chilling. One hopes and prays that President Bush keeps his bearings and his head and realizes the limits of power before he pays for ignoring what these two-term presidents did.

You cannot argue with history. It provides some interesting backdrop for the second term. The Presidents inaugural was very aggressive. I am hope full the Bush team will not fall into the same traps as the Presidents listed above.

Sam's Club vs. K-Street Republicans

Here is an interesting analysis about focus of Bush's 2nd term. While I don't agree with some of the rhetoric (For example:Which is why Bush's second-term agenda is so spectacularly wrongheaded.)

I do agree with the overall premise.

Liberals like Thomas Frank, author of "What's the Matter With Kansas," have long argued that populist conservatism is nothing more than a con. Conservatives sell values to the working class, but they deliver economic ruin. It's a view that is overheated, under-informed and more than a little condescending. Unfortunately, it contains a grain of truth.

As a Party, the GOP does need to reach out to the "Sam Club" GOP.

Just something to think about.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sherman Fires Schottenheimer

From JS Online...

Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman has fired defensive backs coach Kurt Schottenheimer, according to a source close to the team. There was no indication if Sherman would make other staffing changes. Before coming to Green Bay, Schottenheimer, who replaced Bob Slowik as secondary coach, was fired as defensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions after his unit ranked 24th in 2003 and 31st in '02.Schottenheimer oversaw a unit in 2004 that finished No. 25 in the league against the pass (228.9), which was the team's worst ranking since the merger in 1970. Blown assignments became commonplace, penalties went unchecked and quarterbacks had one gigantic field day. The opponents passer rating of 101.5 in 17 games was worse than anything the Packers had allowed before (86.1 in ’58). Green Bay surrendered a club-record 37 touchdown passes and intercepted a team-low eight passes. -By Bob McGinn

Good start, but the entire Defensive coaching staff must go. They stink. Ed Donatell for the fall guy for 4th and 26. It was bush league move by Sherman. More importantly, he fire the wrong guy! (By the way Schottenheimer was the reason the we trade our best corner Mike McKenzie. Hope it was worth it.)

I hope this is just the beginning.

Bush's Speech

I was able the finally to watch the Presidents speech. It certainly was inspiring. The one impression of the speech was just how long it is going to take to win the war on terror. This fight will go on for the next 30 years at the minimum. I hope the American people are prepared to see this fight to the end. I am constantly disappointed how many people have forgotten about Sept. 11th.

I rest easier at night knowing President Bush is leading this country.

Fight over Health Savings Accounts

I came across this press release from the Minority Leader in the State Assembly. There are so many things in here that point out the "big government" mentality of liberals.

1. He calls a tax exemption "spending." Just to be clear: Its not your money. Tax cuts are not spending!

2. He says people with HSAs already have a high deductible insurance plan. That is not true. You have buy a high deductible at the same time you buy purchase a Health Savings Account. In fact, HE is the one who wants to spend the money on people who are have a health care entitlement in Medicaid.

3. He says HSAs do not help make health care more affordable for working families. Hello! Eliminating the tax liability from money invested in HSAs makes health care more affordable.

4. Making health care more affordable for people in the private sector is a bad thing but more money is a massive government entitlement okay.

The Democrats opposition to Health Savings Accounts is pure union politics. Big Labor opposes HSAs because they want government-run universal health care. In a time when everyone agrees health care is an issue the Democrats private solutions because Big Labor tells them to. They really should be embarrassed.